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Our unique trenching platform and product installation technologies consist of a specially fitted wheel, and chain trenchers in combination with PLCT patented laying box technologies. We have the unique ability to install coiled flexible utilities in rock substrata or soft soils up to five feet (5') deep in one continuous seamless operation with trenching, cable laying, and the installation of the initial layer of backfill co-occurring.



Furthermore, the initial "cable zone" layer of backfill can consist of either a screened native backfill, an import bedding and cover layer, or even an engineered flowable thermal backfill (FTB) layer, dependent upon the environmental or engineering requirements of the project. Each method completely encapsulates the utilities while they are placed in the trench guaranteeing the integrity of the installation, no matter how harsh the underground geological environment that may exist.


Project execution

PLCT prides itself on its ability to meet the most aggressive project schedules while maintaining the integrity of its installation. In addition to trenching, cable placement, and trench backfill, PLCT offers proprietary web-based project reporting which provides real-time project status and material tracking. We can also provide GPS as-built data of all collection system trenches installed to the accuracy requested. Our dedicated on-site project management professionals provide an additional layer of communication and quality assurance while our hardworking and knowledgeable trenching crews work tirelessly to ensure your project timelines are met or exceeded.

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