Headquartered in Clinton, NY, privately-owned PLC Trenching Co., LLC is North America's leader in full-service underground utility installation for both public and private clients. With a dedicated project management office, self-sustained maintenance operation and design department, PLCT delivers innovative, practical and sustainable solutions. Partnering with clients to develop superior services that optimize material utilization and improved efficiency, safety and quality of work. Recognized as the premiere builder of underground collection systems in the North American commercial wind farm and solar markets.


PLCT employs a state-of-the-art construction system on long-haul routes, consisting of a unique product installation technology using its specially fitted wheel trenchers and PLCT patented laying boxes. PLCT also offers system administration support, the creation of as-built drawings, global positioning satellite instrumentation and other diverse technologies relating to the wind farm collection system and telecommunications installations. With its trenching technology, PLCT can install up to 48 1 1/4" product, (conduit, cable innerduct, electric and gas lines, and underdrain) at a maximum trench depth of approximately 6 feet.

This trenching technology is especially suited to installations within a rock substrata. The underground installation is a seamless operation with the trenching, installation and backfill being performed at the same time. PLCT has worked with major construction companies, such as Kiewit Construction, Gilbert-Southern Corp., Mastec, Inc., MFS Technologies, Alliant Energy, Rosendin Electric, M.A. Mortenson, Henkels & McCoy, Michels Corporation, Infrasource, FNS, and Blattner Energy.

Project Management

  • CPM Scheduling
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Quality Control
  • Safety
  • Cost Reporting
  • Final Acceptance Reports


  • Engineering: from Route Design to Installation to Final Testing
  • GPS and GIS services


  • Trenching
  • Underground Collection
  • Conduit & Pipeline Installations
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations


The PLCT ADVANTAGE is a unique trenching system that installs your desired utility or utilities in one continuous operation, with or without select bedding or backfill. The foundation of our Advantage is our fleet of specially fitted wheel trenchers and proprietary laying box technology. PLC Trenching Co. is the only company in the United States that has the lawful use of our laying box technology at this time.

The trencher itself is extremely versatile
with the following features:
  • 500 Plus Horsepower Caterpillar Engines.
  • 10 foot diameter cutting wheel with carbide teeth.
  • Trench widths from 6" to 15" & Trench Depths to Cover 6'
  • Trencher assembly remains horizontal at varying depths allowing the trench bottom compaction shoe to flatten and compact the bottom of the trench and pull our proprietary laying boxes.
  • Trencher assembly moves laterally so that the trench may be cut anywhere from outside of track to outside of other track.
  • Tilting chassis to operate on slopes.
  • Steel or rubber track pads.
  • Trencher assembly pivots so negotiating curves is no problem.
  • Ring gear powered cutting wheel allowing the axle to go below grade for greater depth capabilities and tremendous cutting forces in tough soil and rock conditions.
Our proprietary mechanical laying box technology
really sets us apart & with it we can:
  • Lay utilities to 6 feet deep and up to 15 inches wide, in soft soil or hard rock.
  • Place any number of flexible utilities in any desired configuration or position, with or without select bedding or backfill materials.
  • Installations can all be accomplished, in most cases, without major disturbances other than the trench width itself. This can be very important when working in and along roadways.
  • Quality of installation is assured especially when select bedding or backfill is installed.


david critelli

David Critelli

General Manager & CEO


steven critelli

Steven Critelli

V.P. & General Counsel


david burgess

David Burgess

Project Superintendent


steven bonsted

Steven Bonsted



michael lopata

Michael Lopata

Supervisor for Technical Operations


scott adams

Scott Adams

Engineering and Design


jeremey lopata

Jeremy Lopata

GIS & Logistics Manager


louis critelli

Louis Critelli

Administrative Support


michael sawitz

Michael Sawitz

Design Engineer


michael critelli

Michael Critelli

Senior Project Manager


doug marolf

Doug Marolf

Senior Project Manager


scott roes

Scott Roes

Senior Project Manager



Senior Project Manager

The role of the Sr. Project Manager is to plan, execute, monitor and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget in a field setting. The Sr. PM will perform the following tasks and successful candidates will hold the following prerequisites and will be evaluated by our core competencies. PLC Trenching is looking for a self-motivated and organized candidate to work with other contractors to successfully manage our trenching projects. We offer a competitive salary with bonuses and profit sharing.

Junior Project Manager

The role of the Jr. Project Manager is to assist the Sr. Project Manager in planning, executing, monitoring and finalizing projects according to strict deadlines and within budget in a field setting. The Jr. PM will assist in the following tasks and successful candidates will hold the following prerequisites and will be evaluated by our core competencies. PLC Trenching is looking for a candidate wishing to advance within the company to a Senior PM and possibly a Managerial or Engineering position.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

The role of the shop mechanic is to maintain company-related machinery. They are responsible for providing upkeep to that machinery to ensure that needed equipment functions properly; this includes preventive care and maintenance. They must possess advanced mechanical skills to troubleshoot and fix construction equipment using heavy tools, as well as being capable to receive regular training to meet performance standards. They will repair and install equipment parts and recycle as required.

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Contact Information

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Work: (315) 853-6183
Fax: (315) 853-3176

Employment Questions?

For information regarding Sr. or Jr. Project
positions, please contact Jeremy

For information regarding Heavy Equipment Mechanic, please contact Scott Adams.